Americana Amusement Park Stein

I never thought I’d find an Americana Amusement Park Stein in the place I did. Found a small estate sale a little while away and also found a nice goodie to go along with it. I was looking through the house intently as there really wasn’t a lot of stuff left as I had arrived late. The woman running the sale was friendly enough and was trying to draw me into whatever she thought I would buy.

Americana Amusement Park Stein

I looked hard but wasn’t able to find anything that caught my eye, so I thanked her and was headed out the door. As I approached the front door I noticed a shelf with a lot of steins piled on the shelf. I asked her how much they were and she said, oh those are just Avon steins. I decided to dig through them anyway and found this gem from the Americana Amusement Park. I had to buy it as I thought is was definitely something special. It is so detailed showing some of the rides that they had at the amusement park back in the day.

Apparently, it was from a place that is 30 smiles north of Cincinnati. You can check out the parks history here: which was first called LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park but was then later changed to Americana Amusement Park.

Americana Amusement Park Stein
Americana Amusement Park Stein
Americana Amusement Park Stein

What a wonderful piece which has a bear, a trabant, and a roller coaster.

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