8 Heart Crock

Antique Crock Found in the Dark

An antique crock found in the dark. I did not expect an to find an antique crock where we were headed. With an impending snow storm expected to yield twelve plus inches, my friend and I headed out early Saturday morning. It was cold and the air had the feel of snow on it’s way. We had the address and headed out to the sale that simply said, “Final Moving Sale, All must go”. I recognized the address as it seemed like a place we had been to before.

8 Heart Crock

We arrived to a house we hadn’t been to before. Over the summer, this location was listed in the newspaper as a garage sale but no one was there when we arrived, therefore we were unable to find anything to buy. Lucky for us, is was open this time.

The couple running the sale were very nice and were enduring a long clean out of a house they already sold. They already had there new home ready to go but had years of things they needed to get rid of for the new owners.

They had just put in a new septic and leach field as the new owners financing company required it. Along with a requirement that they tear down the garage.

The Garage

The garage had items items on the bottom floor. The owners told us to go upstairs to see more items, but to be careful and there really isn’t anything up there. They were right, the stairs were rickety. We did make it to the top and not smart, I didn’t bring a flashlight, but I did have my phone and I went to the far side where under the eve I noticed a large dark cylinder on it side. As the excitement overtook me, I almost yelled out, but I was able to keep calm. I managed to maneuver over broken boards to right next to it. It was a beautiful 8 gallon crock and from what I could feel was in great shape. I dragged it out near a window so I could get a good look at it.

Happiness overcame me to find a 8 in a heart on the side of this beautiful brown and cream glazed antique crock. I carried the crock down the stairs very carefully. The owners had no idea the crock was even up there. I was able to purchase it for $10. One of the great finds of the day, but not the only one. I’ll be posting another article soon about the other great find of the day.

Antique Crock 8 Gallon Heart

Here is some great information on crocks from wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crock_(dishware) If you know anything more about this antique crock or crocks in general, please comment below as I would love to learn more.

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