Repainted Vintage Milk Can

Vintage Milk Cans

I found an ad on line for someone selling five vintage milk cans for $125. It peaked my interest so I texted the person and asked if the milk cans were still available. I was happy to find out that they were. When I asked if they could send me…

Maker Picker Creator Thrifter

What’s a maker, picker, creator, or thrifter? You have Makers A person who makes or produces something for others to enjoy You have Pickers A person who hunts sales and scoops up deals and items You have Creators A person who brings something creative into existance You have Thrifters A…

8 Heart Crock

Antique Crock Found in the Dark

An antique crock found in the dark. I did not expect an to find an antique crock where we were headed. With an impending snow storm expected to yield twelve plus inches, my friend and I headed out early Saturday morning. It was cold and the air had the feel…

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Gloversville, NY

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