National Biscuit Company

National Biscuit Company

Last winter I was visiting a friends house on a Sunday for dinner. We had just finished eating when we headed to the basement to watch some TV. I noticed this wooden crate that said national biscuit company. It had handles on each side made from wood and metal. Not in great shape but a very likable piece.

I asked if he would be willing to sell it. He didn’t hesitate and said absolutely. He began to tell me that he found it after he purchased his summer camp. He was poking around the attic and found some old paintings, two brass trumpets, and this wooden crate filled with quilting squares. The label isn’t the best but I like the dimensions of the box.

I was so lucky this past weekend where I rolled up on a road side stand. The gentleman with the goods had quite a few items including a stuffed pheasant. I saw this other National Biscuit Company box and figured I had to buy it. This one has a different label and it says London on it. He was asking $35, but after I purchased some other things, he came down to $15. I’m so happy to have both of them.

An interesting fact is that National Biscuit Company is now what you know as Nabisco; I love learning and researching items like this.

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