Steamer Trunks Piling Up with Secret Compartments

Starting to stack up the steamer trunks.  This stack only shows half of them as these are two rows deep.

Steamer Trunks Pile

One special one in particular which is not pictured has the initials JW done in brass tacks on the front. This trunk is primitive in nature. The best part about this trunk isn’t the initials done in brass tasks, even though that is very nice as well. The best part is that it has a secret compartment.  It’s amazing to see a steamer trunk with a secret compartment. I think secret compartments bring out the kid in us as we begin to think of all the things people hid away in this secret compartment. It was not easy to spot right away. To find the hidden spot, you have to open a compartment, slide out a board and then you will see a small hidden drawer tucked neatly under the compartment.  The guy who sold it was proud to show it off.  He said that he bought it from the estate of a J Waggle in Massachusetts. My eyes grew wide when I first say it and thought is was the coolest thing. I asked him if he found anything in the drawer when he first found it.  He just smiled and didn’t answer.  I often think about that moment and my brain floods with thoughts of him finding treasure of some kind like gold nuggets, coins, or a pile of money. 

The fun part about collecting chests and steamer trunks is that each one is different. There are lots of uses for steamer trunks, and folks really enjoy using them as decoration. I personally like to store blankets in them and like the look of a steamer trunk at the foot of a bed. I enjoy buying and selling steamer trunks.

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