Irvin Ware Cocktail Shaker

The Late Bird Catches a Irvin Ware Cocktail Shaker!

On a Sunday afternoon my neighbor and I headed to an estate sale which was basically a small 3 bedroom home. Being Sunday afternoon and the third day of the sale, things were picked over pretty well. In fact we were the only ones vying for a spot inside. The two ladies who were running the sale were friendly enough and were willing to throw some very good prices our way. I walked through the kitchen which was littered with all types of glassware and appliances. Mostly newer stuff, but on the end of the breakfast nook were three shelves. The top shelf had a really nice mid century modern Irvin Ware stainless steel cocktail shaker. I thought it was awesome and wondered why it was still left after 3 days, but quickly realized it was missing it’s cap. I was very disappointed, but picked myself up and continued on down the shelves.

Irvin Ware Cocktail Shaker

Each shelf has a bunch of different things and I checked out each one carefully. I had to bend way down to reach the third shelf and found a box of shot glasses. There were many types of shot glasses, some were heavy and older and some were newer with places like Las Vegas and Hoover Dam on them. They were fun to check out, but then I noticed a stainless steel shot glass which stood out to me in the myriad of glass. I began to smile small at first, but then the more I looked at it, my smile began to grow. I quickly stood up and grabbed the Irvin Ware Cocktail shaker and placed the “stainless steel shot glass” on top to make a complete cocktail shaker.

Irvin Ware Cocktail Shaker Top

Being Sunday afternoon, the ladies were happy to get rid of it, and I was more than happy to have it. Sometimes things present themselves in interesting ways.

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This late bird caught the worm that day.

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