Thermos Bottle Bottom

Vintage Thermos Bottle In An Eerie Place

Finding a vintage thermos bottle can be a little unnerving.

My friend and I stopped in at sale which was advertised in the local paper.  We drove for miles out to the middle of no where or at least to the middle of a lot of farming land.  We headed up the road where we noticed a huge sign that said moving sale today, so we pulled up the driveway. 

Vintage Thermos Bottle

The driveway was overgrown and tight with trees on both sides.  We approached and saw two run-down trucks with for sale signs and a newer truck parked up near the house.  We drove our truck up near the house which was a log cabin and noticed not far was an old building with two tents covered in tattered blue tarps.  From inside we could hear music playing.  When we got up close and peered in the music got louder.  We didn’t see anyone, so we called out a few times to see if anyone was there, but no one was.  I went up to the porch and gave a few hard raps on the door and backed away.  We waited a while with no answer.  As we stood there, everything seemed so eerie and quiet aside from the music playing.  We moved back toward the truck and climbed in.  I turned around and we started to head back out to the road. 

All of a sudden, a bearded man appeared who seemed to jump out from behind one of the trees lining the driveway.  I almost slammed on the brakes and he said hey, where you going?  I said we came for the sale and he said well you’re going the wrong way, it’s back under the tarps.  We smiled and turned around, after all, we did just drive all that way.  We saw a bunch of cool items, mostly what looked like equipment that came from a pool hall, but then I spotted this vintage thermos bottle stashed up high on a shelf.  I asked if it was for sale and he said it was.  I decided to take this vintage thermos bottle home with me. 

Thermos Bottle Bottom

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