Antique Blow Torches Found at the Estate

Weather was really bad and very cold this week. We could have used these antique blow torches to worm things up. We had lots of ice and snow, but that’s what happens in the northeast. My buddy Bob and I went to an estate sale yesterday morning. The former owner of the home was a cabinet maker and he seemed to have collected tools in every room. Lots of them were antique and in great shape. Plenty of planes, hand drills, carving tools, and the like.

Antique Blow Torches

This gentlemen collected many different items beyond wood working. He had moose antlers hanging over the stairs that had a 52″ spread and there were shelves of mason jars and closets full of crocks. There was a hand carved eagle on a board over his workbench in the basement. I was looking around in detail in the basement with very limited light, but I was lucky enough to stumbled on one of these antique blow torches on a shelf in the corner and was very happy with the find. It was brass and had a nice handle. By the time I made it upstairs to pay the guy running the sale, he asked if I saw the other two antique blow torches down there so sure enough I headed back down and found the other two really tucked down low under a cabinet. I was so happy with the three and bought them right away. I’m thinking I need to clean them up but I’m not sure how to go about it. I guess research is in my future. I’ve seen some folks make these into accent lamps and I think they are amazing. Unique Shop Co has sold them in the past on their Etsy shop:

Antique Blow Torches

Read some history on the blowtorch here on wiki:

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