Antique New York License Plate

Over the weekend I saw a sign that said Antique Garage sale around back, so I pulled over and checked it out.  It was a very large old house and when I went around back I was greeted by two friendly people on the back porch who said, please take a look around.  After I asked a few questions about things, they broke out a photo album and showed me the transformation of their 1885 Carriage House.  They said all of these things were inside of it before they started the reconstruction.  It was a large undertaking which included jacking up the building and pouring a new cement flour and foundation. 

Antique New York License Plates

As I was looking around I noticed what looked like a set of red and white license plates.  When I picked them up I immediately noticed they were porcelain, but I had no idea what they were.  I purchased them and when I got home I immediately started to do some research.  They are antique New York license plates made with porcelain. 

This style of plate was only made during 1912 by Lalance and Grosjean Manufacturing Company (L&G Mfg Co.).  The numbers on these plates (over 70,000) were relegated to Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Plattsburgh, Albany, Utica, Watertown, and Binghamton.  While one of them is in rough shape, I am stunned that I was able to find a matched pair as these are rare plates. 

For more information on license plates like this, check out this website:

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