My I Flip It page is where I post one unique item for sale every week. Check back each week or join my notification list to get notified when I post. Typically I only have one item to sell and it goes quickly, so buy before it’s gone. Here is where I flip it!

I have two peg solitaire or peg jump games. They are Yogo and Hi-Q peg solitaire games. The Hi-Q game is 6″ square and the Yogo game is 3 1/4″ in diameter. The Hi-Q appears to be bakelite and could date to the 1950’s, please see the photos for condition as the Hi-Q game cover has some water staining.

You can both of these games for one price.

You can read about how I picked these games here:

Buy it Now for: $22 + $5.99 shipping. Will ship to the US only.


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I flip it
i flip it

Not sure what flipping is? Read about it here:

I enjoy the times where I flip it. The enjoyment I get out of flipping items isn’t about making money at all. I get a lot of excitement out of finding something I think it unique and joy out of someone else liking the item that I saw something in. I enjoy being a picker for people who appreciate the same items I do. You can read about my picker stories here: as it chronicles my adventures in picking. Sometimes I find things in the strangest places. Sometimes I buy items from very interesting people. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt as you never know what you are going to find. I’ve had instances where I passed on things and regretted it later. That’s okay though, as it’s all just one giant learning experience for me. When I buy something that I don’t know anything about, I like researching the item and learning all I can from it.

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