Repainted Vintage Milk Can

Vintage Milk Cans

I found an ad on line for someone selling five vintage milk cans for $125. It peaked my interest so I texted the person and asked if the milk cans were still available. I was happy to find out that they were.

Vintage Milk Cans
Vintage Milk Cans Stored Behind the Shed

When I asked if they could send me photos, they replied promptly with these photos. After sending they mentioned they could only find four of the cans right now. I saw that the photos showed the cans being stored near a shed so I asked what condition they were in. I specifically asked how the bottoms were and if they were in good condition. They said the vintage milk cans were all in good condition aside from one which has some deterioration on the bottom. I was extremely happy to see that three of the cans had lids. I mentioned that I would be driving from over an hour away and asked if they were flexible on the price. They quickly came down in price as they just wanted to get rid of them at this point which allowed me to score these beauties for $50.

Vintage Milk Cans
Milk Cans In My Garage

I drove to the persons home and loaded the cans up. The guy I bought them from told me how he is a retired garbage collector. He saved these milk cans over twenty years ago. Someone had them out on the curb to be thrown out. I was extremely happy that he saved these from going to the landfill.

Up-cycling Vintage Milk Cans

Repainted Vintage Milk Can
Repainted with Graphics

I brought them home and I am planning on sanding them down, painting them, and adding graphics like I did with this one.

I’m hoping once they are all fixed up I’ll be able to flip them for a profit.

I found this great web page that can help you date milk cans:

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